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I have been an avid fan of video games ever since I received my first handheld system, the Game Gear, at the age of six. I can still be found playing handheld games to pass time and always seem to have at least two J-RPG's going at once. Always full of random facts about Sega Saturn and Dreamcast games, but this is rarely useful. I am currently a freelance writer and can be found rambling on twitter at @mikeke352


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    Hades- Action/Rouge-like (Switch, 2020)

    -Just starting out. So far I'm absolutley loving it

    MOTHER- RPG (1989/2003, GBA) (fan translation)

    -A favorite. Doing a casual replay through an old file.


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    Horror Games For Halloween!

    I love this the atmosphere this time of year. I love the weather, the chills, and all of the frights! There are many things I love to do to get in the spirit of this spooky season but one of the things I love to do most is dive into horror games! I have a thing for obscure and underrated scary games, (or games in general really," and this month I am excited to share some of the best ones many might have missed. Games such as..

    Enemy Zero
    and more!

    I hope my amusement brings some to you as well. Happy Halloween month!

    D, D2, and Enemy Zero

    Clock Tower, Ib, and Deep Fear

    Illbleed, Fatal Frame, and Ring: Terrors Realm

    One of my previous Halloween videos


    Import and Translation Resources:

    Napple Tale English fan translation patch for Dreamcast
    Princess Crown English translation guide
    English patches for the PS1 and Saturn releases of Policenauts
    English patch for Clock Tower (SNES)
    Legends of Localization: A look at video game translation and how games change during the translation process
    Sakura Wars English Patch for Sega Saturn!
    MOTHER 3 English Patch & Instructions
    Wonderswan 101: A Beginners Guide

    Retro Gaming:

    TG-16/PC-Engine Games that pushed the limits of graphics and sound
    An EXCELLENT essay on MOTHER 1
    Live PC Servers for Phantasy Star Online
    Live Console resources for Phantasy Star Online

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    Digital Foundry
    Stop Skeletons From Fighting
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    Clock Tower (SNES/PC/PS1/Wonderswan)

    by Michael Anthony

    Clock tower is a cult favorite horror game first released for the Super Famicom, (the Japanese SNES,) in 1995 and was later ported to the PC, PS1, and Wonderswan. It is an early horror game and does not fall into many of the established traits that many others in the genre exhibit. Clock Tower is a 2D point and click adventure game at its heart. There is no real combat and no real tactical offensive or self defense measures. It’s just you, your wits, a mystery, and a killer...

    D2 (Dreamcast)

    by Michael Anthony


    D2 is insane in the best sort of way. It combines gameplay and storytelling elements (ex., the digital actors,) from D and Enemy Zero with new modes and ideas. Part of the game is on rails adventure style exploration like in D and Enemy Zero while the other major part is more standard survival horror featuring first-person combat, random encounters, and a light RPG-like leveling system....

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    by Mike Anthony

    Ask random gamers off the streets what they think of the late game designer, Kenji Eno, and most would certainly all give you the same answer: Who is Kenji Eno? But, ask gamers whose roots in video games reach a bit deeper and span back through the later half of the 1990s, and many will express a polarizing set of sentiments either glorifying the man’s works and impact on video games, or angrily dismissing his career as trash...


    by Michael Anthony

    For the most part, people tend to be fickle and choosey with their RPGs. To be honest, there isn’t anything wrong with that. People are free to like what they like, choose what they choose, play what they want and pass on the rest. Gamers have strong feelings about what they play and what they pursue and this especially makes sense with Role Playing Games. The whole genre, while more easily recognized and accessible today than ever, is still a niche territory that has many different little sub-genres and trends nestled within it...

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